Get Your Favorite Treats Delivered!

Did you know that cookies make up one-third of America’s sweet-tooth favorites? This comes as no surprise, considering how many variations of cookies there are. Hard cookies, gooey cookies, holiday cookies, buttery cookies, sweet cookies! What’s there not to love? Even so, the idea of leaving home just to satisfy that sweet-tooth craving can seem like one additional task too many on a busy day.

Get Your Cookies at Home

Lucky for you, we have a solution. Why leave home when you can get cookies delivered right to your door? Whether you’re craving a lunch-time fix at the office or need a box in time for a get-together at home, we have you covered. And, if all you want to do is cuddle up with your box of cookies while you binge-watch your favorite shows, we have your back there too. We deliver cookies all across the Greater Los Angeles area.

Purchase for Special Events

There are tons of reasons you may need to gift someone a basket of their favorite baked goodies. Maybe an old friend from LA who used to frequent our shop misses the sweet taste of home. Or, perhaps you’d like to send a birthday or holiday gift to your partner across the country. We can help with that. We ship our baked goods via FedEx all over the United States and look forward to delivering a dose of happiness on your behalf.

The Available Goodies

While we are especially known for our delicious cookies, did you know we make cupcakes, brownies, muffins and ice cream sandwiches too? We also package goodies for special events, such as baby showers, a thoughtful “get well soon” token, or even business catering. Here are some of our most popular products:

  • Cookie cakes
  • Cookie baskets
  • Cookie boxes
  • Cookie tins
  • Business meeting items
  • Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Place Your Order

At Snookie’s Cookies, we’re all about the sweet stuff. We first opened our doors in 1983 and have been offering cookie delivery services to Los Angeles homes and offices since 1984. If you’re not sure what flavors of cookies you want to send to your family and friends in other towns and states, come see us. We have mouth-watering samples for you to try. Did we mention we have ice cream?

If you’re ordering from out of town, give us a call toll-free at (800) 927-3747. After the first bite, you may find yourself making frequent orders. Simplify the process by signing up for an account and never deny your sweet tooth that delicious satisfaction again.